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TECA Technologies Group works Internationally to provide Design Services, Innovation Projects, Research Studies, Quality Control and Manufacture Services from its regional offices and partner companies. 


Client Management, Project Control, Creative Lead
European HQ and Management and Client meetings


Design, Engineering, R&D, Production Control
Design, Research and Innovation center Eastern HQ


Engineering, Quality Control, Production and Supply
Engineering and Production center


Client Management, Project Control, Creative Lead
Project management and Client meetings

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Why clients choose us?

We create a tailored solution to suit our clients needs and deliver on our promise of quality and professionalism

With over twenty years of experience working with some of the world’s leading brands we have been able to assist with New Product Innovations all the way to Production and Supply. 

Being able to cross boundaries in both our service and office locations makes working on international projects predictable and efficient.



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Working with the Leaders and Originators of new highly efficient LED UV lamps we developed and tested portable sterilizers.
#sterilization #tecastudio #tecatechnologies #uv #uvled #germicidaluv See more

With recent events the need to protect ourselves and our families from bacteria and viruses has become imperative and universal. We were lucky enough to work with one of the leading ultraviolet lamp See more

As our third core discipline Production and Supply takes place from our Hong Kong and Shenzhen offices (since 2004). Prototypes, mock-ups, pre-production samples and small scale manufacture runs as See more

TECA Studio Manufacture. We have been active in High-End Audio Products for Brands such as B&O, BeyerDynamic and A&K. Working with leading brands on the total product offering means we are able to See more

TECA Studio Colour Targeting. Using our own in-house research and market knowledge as well as custom reports made for the specific industry and regions we were able to predict the best options for See more

New ‘rollable’ Luzli Roller MK02 headphones are the coolest

Swiss high-end audio brand Luzli has introduced the Roller MK02, a pair of “rollable” over-ear headphones that are perfect for travelling

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If you would like to know more about any aspects of our work or want to discuss a new project under NDA please don’t hesitate to get in contact.


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